It deals with the physical and emotional consequences of a serious addiction to alcohol and drugs that lasted over a decade, and how one man managed to recover from this dark period in his life. He may not be able to stay within literary boundaries, but he can undoubtedly write.

best alcoholic memoirs

When combined with other reading and tutorials, blogs, and videos, Alcohol Lied to Me will help shine light on your path to freedom. Sober Positive allows readers to explore their relationship with alcohol and enables them to navigate the maze of addiction to a point where they find a way out and never look back. The book tells the story of Julia’s own, very personal story as well as sharing her advice for quitting without feeling a sense of loss or deprivation. Russell Brand’s Recovery book is a Sunday Times Number 1 Bestseller, but then again, he is pretty famous and has a huge following, so it comes as no surprise that enormous numbers of people would read his books. He has done some amazing work when it comes to helping people change their lives and inspiring others and I have huge respect for him. It is informative and provides plenty of insights and tactics to help readers work towards a life free from alcohol.

Overcome: A Memoir Of Abuse, Addiction, Sex Work, And Recovery

A childhood connection to elephants spurred and sustained Debbie Ethell through her teens until depression and a brush with suicidal thoughts pushed her into alcohol dependency. The interviewees themselves range from fitness experts and recovery advocates to celebrities and experts; they each offer advice, tips, and tricks from their own lives in the hope they will help someone else. InThe Heart of RecoveryBopst speaks with people of all ages, from all backgrounds, in every stage of recovery. A discussion with an older inmate changed everything; West had a spiritual awakening; he found God, recovery, and hope, and was released from prison after 7 years. After finding himself with a life sentence in a Texan prison, he knew he needed to change. What most people in his life didn’t know was that west had been sexually abused by his babysitter aged 9, and as a result, turned to narcotics to dampen the pain.

best alcoholic memoirs

However, they are also analogous in the sense that each ‘memoir’ is actually based on true events. Rosenblat and his wife did not meet each other at the fence of a concentration camp, but he is an authentic Holocaust survivor; Frey may have overstated his time in jail, but he is a recovering alcoholic and addict. Reflecting on this further, Clark establishes a number of standards that memoirs must follow. For example, he creates two sub-divisions of the genre to mirror the changing limits.

John Barleycorn, Or Alcoholic Memoirs Summary

After getting divorced, Mackie decided to try and make her world larger by putting on running shoes and exploring London. This memoir builds up from a rocky start to 10ks – without pushing readers to aspire to run fast, or to run marathons. This book is more about battling mental health issues and conquering life. She is also refreshingly honest Addiction about the fact that not all her demons have been banished, but she has found a good way to keep them at bay. The Sunday Times columnist’s memoir has received a lot of hype, yet it has not disappointed. Alderton said in a recent podcast that other people sometimes complained this is the kind of book they could have written, but they didn’t.

best alcoholic memoirs

He also claimed that he never noticed any extreme behaviour, as Frey has described, calling the author ‘a “normal guy”’. Full of raw and unvarnished truths, exquisitely written throughout, POUR ME is about lost time and self-discovery.

The book really makes readers stop and think about how they are showing up in the world, especially in relation to pleasing other people and not being the authentic version of themselves. The Sober Survival Guide covers all the common issues, fears, challenges and questions that come up during the first year and beyond, without alcohol in your life. With a core focus on self-care, wellbeing, changing your mindset and using exercise to help with removing alcohol from your life, the book really did resonate with me on all levels. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the best stop drinking books for 2021. That said, I know it has worked for thousands of people and I certainly don’t want my experience to put anyone off, this is simply what happened in my individual case and the book is about Russell Brand and what worked for him, not me.

He also speaks a lot of sense and has a very wise approach with his delivery, although he can use vocabulary that flies over the heads of some people , I have also best alcoholic memoirs found that people seem to either love him or hate him, with very little middle ground. In other words, this book is about what makes us sick and keeps us sick.

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He recalls the lost days, lost friends, failed marriages … But there was also an ‘optimum inebriation, a time when it was all golden’. When it’s written by the mischievous Morin who has great fun teasing how much of this story is truth and how much fiction. The book has also since been made into a Netflix Original Movie starring Machine Gun Kelly and Douglas Booth. Understanding the Alcoholic’s Mind, The Nature of Craving and How to Control It is a foundational book for comprehending the magnitude of the power and influence of the subconscious mind in achieving sobriety.

On the outside her life must have seemed glamorous, but the reality was very different. The last sections of this book deal with sticking to an alcohol-free life for the longer term, and larger questions about our society’s relationship with drink. The appendix has lists of books and podcasts, websites, AF cocktail recipes, sober celebrities, a few restaurants and bars, and even a playlist. For someone contemplating an alcohol-free life, or at the beginning of their journey, there is lots to read (there is some repetition due to the way the book has been put together, but not excessively so!), but it’s firmly on our to-read books for 2020. The first is Simon’s personal story from heavy drinking to getting alcohol-free, told in a short section. The second part covers the basics of quitting drinking, from learning about alcohol and assessing your drinking and the impact it is having on your life, to changing your mindset and the beliefs you may hold about alcohol and you.

I was so impressed with this read that I wanted to showcase it in my list as I genuinely believe my readers will benefit from picking this up. When it comes to ‘Quit Lit’, you are certainly spoilt for choice. When I started my sobriety journey, one of the first things I did was read books from others who have been on the journey I was embarking on. I found it to be a tremendous support and guidance for what was to come and how to deal with it. In the early days and weeks of your new sober journey, examining your beliefs about alcohol and immersion in knowledge will carry you through to success.

A flamboyant tale of her turbulent childhood in China is one of self-creation as Guo tackles her past and considers her future. Novelist Young’s bleak and brave account of her decades-long on-off relationship with the self-destructive Robert Lockhart tackles its subject with a heart-breaking honesty. Slater’s unsentimental account of his childhood – punctuated by the death of his mother and his father’s remarriage – reveals itself through a selection of meals, beginning with burnt toast and ending with a feast of profiteroles.

best alcoholic memoirs

As a conservation research scientist, Ethell does important work; this book, however, is on par with all of her other work and is a must-read for those who want to find hope and inspiration that goes beyond sobriety and into the wider world. The interviews are short, searching, and often heartfelt; they go to the core of what it means to seek recovery, forgiveness, and a new way of living in a world so riddled with temptation. Damon West seemed had it all, a stable childhood, a promising future, and a place of prominence as a College Quarterback, but when an addiction to methamphetamine took hold his life began to crumble. Whether you’re seeking sobriety, or you don’t know how to support your loved one, this book is a great place to start. Nonetheless, thousands of people can attest to the potency of the teachings held within this short book. In the years since, van de Bunt has overcome her relationship with her abusive mother, found sobriety, and begun to live in a way that is good for her.

It is the way of addiction and recovery stories to talk about the abyssal lows that drugs and alcohol can take us to; they often deal with horrors most of us cannot imagine with unflinching honesty. We’re specialists in UK rehab options and can advise you on alcohol rehab in the North West, drug rehab in the North West and other addiction support services in the area. Sober Senorita shows us you don’t need to drink to have the best time of your life. She shares her experiences and accomplishments since becoming sober and explains how it wouldn’t have been possible had she carried on abusing alcohol.

Fiona Beckett: How To Drink Without Drinking

Scroll down the page to see the full list of the best quit drinking books – this page is updated regularly with new releases and reviews of books that myself and people in the Be Sober community are reading. A year that started with her quitting booze and then being given the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. By the end of the year she is booze-free and cancer-free, she no longer has a wine belly, is two stone lighter and with a life that is so much richer, healthier and more rewarding than ever before.

  • She is also leading the way in creating some fabulous ‘Quit Lit’.
  • Cohen recognised the distinct lack of support for the families and has gone some small way into filling this gap with a book that cannot be ignored.
  • Somebody told me once that when they met me when I was a kid, they had never seen anybody so shy.
  • The title of Lemmy’s autobiography gives a bit of a clue to what to expect, but there’s more to it than just drugs and excess.
  • Addiction and Recovery News focuses on the stigma, media coverage and research surrounding drug and alcohol addiction.
  • I love that the book has such a ‘Positive’ outlook and works with the reader to quit drinking and be happy about it – this aligns with my own experience and philosophy that we lose nothing when we quit and gain so much.

Former rugby star Thomas’s heartfelt account of coming out and his struggles with becoming one of the most visible gay sports stars in the UK is the rare sports autobiography that reveals the conflicted man behind the headlines. Patterson’s account of her years as a music journalist is a pin-sharp look at how the industry has conspired to eat itself – which is also a glorious reminder of a time when a mouthy working-class Scot could head to London to rule the world. Boards have mild edge wear with bumping to corners and dark rubbing to surfaces. Crushing to spine ends with small splits to joints and fraying to cloth. The 10 best Roald Dahl books of all time, ranked Entertain the kids with these brilliant Roald Dahl books. The 10 best Batman graphic novels to read today Fantastic stories featuring the Dark Knight. Everett, better known as E, has enjoyed a strong following with his band Eels without ever attaining worldwide superstar status.

I assume it’s an American author, but the truth is I just don’t know. The second half of the book is better – the advice is good for anyone who is looking to quit drinking, but it is all so formulaic and anyone who is a trained life coach or sober coach will recognise them instantly. I do like the house plant theory though, reminded me of the end of 28 days and how I’ve always been rubbish with house plants. I absolutely admire and best alcoholic memoirs respect anyone who shares their sober story so please forgive me this review. This has to be one of my favourite books about what happens when you stop drinking or ‘quit lit’ as we call it! Catherine’s story is heartwarming, hilarious, terrifying and heartbreaking all at the same time. This was the first book I read when I stopped drinking and perhaps if I had read it before I had stopped, it would have inspired me to quit sooner.

Linda shares her experiences of living with an alcoholic husband for over 40 years, discussing the effects of alcohol and the impact of meeting people who have shared similar experiences. The blog provides guidance on staying sober when attending social events or going on holiday and even includes handy and delicious mocktail recipes.

Best Reads

Mastery – When we no longer drink and no longer think about alcohol. Yes, I know, this is my book and I have mentioned it previously, but I had to give it a place!

If I am way off the mark, then I do sincerely apologise to Ms Crawley but I can’t get this uncomfortable feeling about this book to go away. I can’t tell where it’s set and it’s quite thin on detail in parts and then way too much in others. There are many American spellings but then lots of English colloquialisms. Mum and Mom are both used throughout, and pubs rather than bars feature heavily.

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