Exchange-traded index funds (ETF) would be an option for longer-term investments. Source:, Sabine Meuter, dpa “Lives briefly but intensely: the Danish mayfly. (Photo: dpa) The life of the Danish mayfly is, the name suggests on, quite briefly.

Converted to households and companies, this amounts to an increase of 86 cents and thus 18.36 euros per month for radio broadcasting. The broadcasters registered a demand that was around twice as high. If the KEF experts had accepted that, the result would have been 19.24 euros. Who decides whether the premium comes up?

That runs through several instances. First the KEF recommends a value, then the country leaders decide on the change in the interstate broadcast financing agreement. The state parliaments have the last word.

All state leaders and all state parliaments must agree – 16: 0. Why could the higher contribution fail? In a difficult constellation in Saxony-Anhalt. The CDU in the country has been complaining about the institutions’ lack of willingness to save for a decade and therefore wants to vote against 18.36 euros in the decisive vote in mid-December. Your coalition partners SPD and Greens are in favor of the adjustment.

If the coalition partners vote separately, a veto is likely. The AfD is not only against the increase, but against all contributions. The two parties CDU and AfD together have a majority in the country.

What is the next timetable? Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff wants to get a unanimous vote from the coalition before the vote. He announced internal discussions. It is unclear whether he wants to change his CDU or the SPD and the Greens.

How far Haseloff gets with his efforts becomes clear for the first time on December 2nd: Then the media committee in the state parliament makes its recommendation on how parliament should vote. Here CDU and AfD could already prevail with a majority. That should cause additional turbulence beyond Saxony-Anhalt’s borders. Why is the constellation politically problematic? It is not common for coalition partners to vote differently.

In this case, there is also the fact that the CDU would generate its majority with the AfD, although the Christian Democrats nationwide rule out cooperation with right-wing populists. In the Saxony-Anhalt AfD there are many supporters of the officially disbanded “wing”, which is observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as a right-wing extremist movement. The state CDU does not want to see any cooperation on the question of increased contributions, but there are already increasing nationwide voices that see it differently. Should the CDU stick to its path, a government crisis in Magdeburg is likely that could last until the end of the black-red-green coalition.

In which parliaments are votes still pending? Four decisions in state parliaments are still pending, as the lead State Chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate announced. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony, voting will probably take place in the first half of December. Finally, the state parliaments of Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia follow.

The other twelve parliaments have already approved the contribution increase. What happens if Saxony-Anhalt votes against 18.36 euros? Several scenarios are possible. If by 31.

If not all countries have deposited the relevant instrument of ratification on December 1st, the change will be irrelevant. That means: It remains at 17.50 euros. Theoretically, this would also happen if a state parliament no longer votes in December. Would the premium increase finally be off the table after a veto?

No. It is to be expected that broadcasters will then sue the Federal Constitutional Court. How long this would drag on from a legal point of view is not foreseeable. What is still conceivable? In a statement for the media committee in the state parliament in Magdeburg, the legal scholar Bernd Holznagel from the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster, in addition to the possibility of a lawsuit in the main proceedings, brought an urgent Procedure in Karlsruhe comes into play. If successful, the contribution could – at least temporarily – increase on January 1st, until the whole thing is decided in the actual main proceedings. He rated the chances as high that such an application would fail in favor of the broadcasters, he told the dpa.

The court, on the other hand, does not provide any information on possible proceedings that are not yet pending – not even on abstract questions about what would be legally conceivable. Have there already been comparable scenarios in Germany? “” So far it has never happened that a state parliament has completely rejected the increase in the radio license fee, “” emphasizes Holznagel. In 2005 there was a constitutional complaint from broadcasters against an increase that was below the contribution increase recommended by the KEF. The lawsuit was successful. Deviations of the countries from the KEF recommendation are generally only possible within a narrow framework according to previous jurisprudence. Source:, Franziska Höhnl and Anna Ringle, dpa “(Photo: Jens Wolf / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa / Symbolbild) Kiel ( dpa / lno) – The handball players of the THW Kiel threw themselves back to the top of the Bundesliga table with the eighth win of the season. On Sunday, the record champions prevailed after a hard-fought game with 31:28 (15:12) at Frisch Auf Göppingen .

Sander Sagosen was the most successful thrower of the “” Zebras “” with nine goals. Marcel Schiller was also successful nine times for the hosts. Thanks to the goal difference, which was one goal better, the THW pushed Rhein-Neckar Löwen out of first place, and Kiel quickly took the lead 4-1 (8th). Even at 21:15 (39th) everything seemed to lead to a sure win.

But the Göppingen did not want to leave the points to the record champions without a fight. The hosts quietly looked for solutions, and repeatedly came to success through the external positions. The Kiel team also made five missed throws from the seven-meter line. Just two minutes before the end, Schiller had scored 28:29 with his fifth penalty throw.

Kiel’s captain Domagoj Duvnjak and the Norwegian Sagosen secured the well-deserved victory of the guests with their goals. On Wednesday, the Kielers want to celebrate a sense of achievement in the Champions League again. After two defeats against FC Barcelona and a total of three consecutive games without a win, the “” Zebras “” compete at Telekom Veszprem in Hungary. “If a seller offers more than the surrender value, then you know that the contract is worth something. (Photo : dpa) Life insurers often sell their portfolios and the policies are then transferred to other companies.

What does this mean for the insured? Should they terminate the contract? The low interest rates are not only annoying to savers. They are also increasingly causing problems for insurers. Which has led some of them to transfer their life insurance portfolio to other companies, fueling customer fears.

Many are asking: to get out of the contract or not? The General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) in Berlin weighs in: “” There is no reason for policyholders to terminate, “says GDV consumer expert Mathias Zunk. According to the GDV, in Germany there has been a portfolio transfer since 2014, a so-called run- given off by life insurance to another insurance company. “” We speak of an insurance company in run-off when the company no longer engages in new business, for example because it no longer pays off, “explains Zunk. According to him, there have been six company sales in the past six years from life insurance providers to external settlement companies. Neither the portfolio transfer nor the company sales have any consequences for policyholders. “” The insured receive all guaranteed benefits, especially the guaranteed capital and pension payments, “” said Zunk.

In addition, customers continue to receive a share of the surpluses that arise. So nothing to panic? Kerstin Becker-Eiselen from the Hamburg Consumer Center advises prudence. From their point of view it is right to review the contract in the event of special events such as a run-off.

Under certain conditions it can pay off to terminate the contract. “” But you can only warn against premature termination, “” says Becker-Eiselen. Many save for a financially carefree retirement – and take out life insurance when they are young. From the point of view of the Hamburg Consumer Center, however, such a policy is not a suitable old-age provision product. “” Initially, life and pension insurance are non-transparent, “says Becker-Eiselen. The so-called guaranteed interest rate does not refer to the contributions paid – but to what remains after the costs have been deducted. “” The costs are usually extremely high, “” said the consumer advocate. In addition, the guaranteed values ​​in relation to the contributions paid and the interest phases run through are usually poor. According to Becker-Eiselen, termination of the contract can make sense if it does not contain important additional insurance such as occupational disability insurance and the consumer urgently needs the money – and Otherwise, he or she will have to take out or service a loan that costs more interest than the contract generates. However, there may be some arguments in favor of continuing the contract. “” This is the case, for example, when the consumer earns a return on the contract that he cannot achieve with other forms of investment in the current low interest rate environment, “” says Becker-Eiselen. It is also worthwhile for someone who is about to retire the termination of the existing life insurance does not necessarily.

Becker-Eiselen says that, regardless of age, the following applies: If the existing life insurance also includes adequate occupational disability insurance, it should be risky if you need the money on a specific date, such as investing in stocks during the short period of time Contract can normally be continued. “” It is to be assessed differently if the consumer has in the meantime taken out a new, adequate occupational disability insurance, “says Becker-Eiselen. Anyone who decides to want to terminate the contract after sufficient examination can terminate the contract. “” The termination takes place in writing, either by letter, email or fax “, says Zunk. There is also a so-called possibility of objection for contracts that were concluded between 1995 and 2007. “” For this, the instruction on the right of objection must be wrong, “explains Becker-Eiselen. In order to be able to assess this, consumers should seek advice. “” The advantage of objecting to a termination can be a higher value to be reimbursed by the insurer, “says Becker-Eiselen. And what to do with the money that you then get back – invest it in order to generate an advantageous return if necessary generate? “” There are no general answers, “Becker-Eiselen clarifies. The solution depends on age, but also on the respective life situation. Anyone who has to pay off loans should do so as a priority.

For unforeseen expenses, it is good to deposit money in a call money account. Exchange-traded index funds (ETF) would be an option for longer-term investments. Source:, Sabine Meuter, dpa “Lives briefly but intensely: the Danish mayfly. (Photo: dpa) The life of the Danish mayfly is, the name suggests on, quite briefly, the purpose of life consists exclusively of two things: sex and egg-laying.

For the board of trustees that chose the “” Insect of the Year “”, this is still enough for an appreciation. They are older than the dinosaurs – now one of the mayflies is particularly honored as insect of the year: the Danish mayfly (Ephemera danica). Their life cycle makes the mayflies unique, said Thomas Schmitt, director of the Senckenberg German Entomological Institute in Müncheberg and chairman of the board of trustees. The Danish mayfly is one to two centimeters long, has conspicuous black spots on its wings and also lives in Germany. The name is a bit deceptive: While mayflies die as flying insects after around two to four days, their life cycle is around two years on average in the larval stage. As larvae, mayflies, according to Schmitt, moult up to 30 times – more than any other group of insects. Most other insects only shed their moult four to eight times.

The short life as a mayfly actually only serves reproduction: “” The full insect is only there for sex and egg-laying. “” Because the fully developed mayfly has neither mouthparts nor a functioning intestine. On the other hand, it takes quite a long time until the laid eggs develop into the next generation – and most eggs are eaten anyway before the young larvae develop. And how can mayflies be differentiated from “normal” flies? In a normal fly, the rear wings are reduced to “” flycases “”, explained Schmitt.

This is not the case with the mayfly if the hind wings are also much smaller than the forewings. In addition, the mayflies on the abdomen have three longer appendages. Flies, on the other hand, have “” wonderfully functioning mouthparts “”. So if you want to kill an annoying fly, you can check whether it doesn’t have an extremely limited life expectancy anyway. Because despite the similar name: “” Mayflies are more closely related to dragonflies than to flies, “said Schmitt.” “Fortunately, there is no acute threat to our” Insect of the Year 2021 “”, said the Brandenburg Environment Minister Axel Vogel ( Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen) based on a previously disseminated text.

He is the patron of the “Insect of the Year”, which has been proclaimed since 1999. The Danish mayfly, also known as the great mayfly, is reliant on ecologically intact water with sufficient oxygen content, and mayflies have been around for around 355 million years. “” You can say boldly: “” When the dinosaurs blossomed, the mayflies were already on the decline again “, explained Schmitt. Even if, unlike the dinosaurs, mayflies live their short lives up to the present day. There are around 140 species in Central Europe today. Source:, jog / dpa “In 2015 the Hyundai ix20 got a facelift and looked a little more dynamic than its predecessor. (Photo: Hyundai) That a small car can be spacious shows the Hyundai ix20 offered between 2010 and 2019. It is more of a van than a city flea and scores with a lot of space and variability.

Those interested in used cars have to watch out for a few weak points: The Hyundai ix20 is 4.12 meters long, 1.77 meters wide and 1.60 meters high: This information shows how Koreans have managed to turn a small car into a practical space saver. Thanks to the height, a good sense of space is created on a comparatively clear floor space.

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