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Conditions of participation

The deadline for entries is January 31, 2010. Participation is subject to the exclusion of legal recourse. Employees of Deutsche Telekom AG and the companies involved, as well as their relatives, are excluded from the competition. Anyone who is 18 or over and is resident in Germany is eligible to participate. A cash payment of the winnings is not possible. Each participant can only take part once. Only correctly completed forms will be included in the selection process. The winners will be notified in writing. Contrary to point 7 of the conditions of participation for competitions, the right to win expires at the beginning of the trip.

The terms health resort, health resort and spa may seem antiquated to some, but they are not. At least a large number of venerable bathrooms are looking good, and new ones are still being built. And there are excellent thermal baths not only in Germany, but all over Europe. We present you the European worlds of wellbeing in our photo show.

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New concepts are needed

On the other hand, spas and thermal baths are not a sure-fire success. You won’t get very far with standard programs, individual concepts are required. In the "St. Martins Therme & Lodge" bathing, for example, was linked to the topic of outdoors. This is not only the first thermal baths in Northern Burgenland, but also the first safari lodge in Central Europe. "To successfully position a new thermal bath in the hotly contested wellness market" says managing director Klaus Hofmann, "Warm water alone is no longer enough. We have consistently taken up what the unique location has given us: The special natural landscape on the edge of the Neusiedler See National Park has been authentically integrated into the lodge concept. Our guests can not only experience the advantages of the thermal baths, but also rediscover nature on expertly guided excursions." 

Float weightlessly in front of the front door

The "Linsberg Asia Therme" near Vienna refers to another specialty: It is considered the only thermal bath in the German-speaking area with a Far Eastern orientation. The one that opened in 2005 has another special feature "Franken thermal baths" in Bad Windsheim. Bathers can float in a 30 degree warm salt lake under a huge domed roof. True to the motto: floating weightlessly like in the Dead Sea – just not in distant Israel, but practically on the doorstep. And the concept of "Franken thermal baths" with a salt lake, brine thermal water and a sauna landscape opens up. The number of overnight stays in Bad Windsheim skyrocketed. 

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Salt lake as a new trend

Such a success certainly arouses imitators and so the previously unique salt lake has had competition since 2011. The one north of Berlin "Kristall Kur- und Gradiertherme Bad Wilsnack" has also created a salt lake. If you like to drift here and there, elsewhere you rely on colorful hustle and bustle. Bathing establishments and thermal baths in particular that were opened or modernized in the 1990s – analogous to the prevailing attitude of the fun society – rely on experience, adventure, fun. This found expression in in-pool bars and tire and slide paradises. Of the "Loipersdorf thermal baths" to "Watzmann thermal baths" in Berchtesgaden – black hole slides and other fun attractions have been integrated everywhere. Not least to attract a target group that until then was not necessarily the focus of the spas and thermal baths: families with children.

The largest thermal bath in Europe

This also has the largest thermal bath in Europe in its sights: the one that opened in 1999 "Therme Erding" near Munich. And as if the 20 spectacularly knotted slides weren’t enough, more are to be added in the next few years. The day ticket, which costs up to 41 euros (price on weekends and on public holidays), which includes the Royal Day Spa and the sauna paradise in addition to the thermal baths, does not seem to scare the 1.5 million guests a year. Another expression of current affairs: money may be tight in other areas, but for leisure activities you like to dig a little deeper into your pocket. 

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Baths are becoming more demanding

In general, however, the heyday of fun pools is over. At least that’s what Iris Meder thinks, who started her long-term scientific research project on baths in Central Europe with the book published in autumn 2011 "Bathing joys" crowned, and concludes: "After many years of creating pure ‘adventure pools’ without any architectural ambition, there is now a trend towards more sophisticated design of public pools." She provides enough examples of the "Bodenseetherme" from Constance to "Tirol Therme Längenfeld". The futuristic architecture of the "Aqua Dome" stages the topic of water in a completely new form. Three circular basins seem to float in front of the glass crystal of the thermal dome. More modern, more alpine, warmer: eight years after opening, the thermal bath is being expanded for 19.7 million euros. In the course of the renovations, 60 new rooms, a premium spa exclusively for hotel guests and five additional seminar rooms will be created. In addition, the hotel lobby, bar and restaurant will be completely renovated. Completion is scheduled for December 2012.

An imposing cube

Lots of glass and lots of transparency: what is popular in other areas of architecture can also be found in the pool architecture. So forms the heart of the "Merano thermal baths" an imposing, glass cube that seems to remove the boundary between inside and outside. The architect Matteo Thun, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in New York, relied fully on the element of water, also with the woods and stones used. He had these treated as if water had shaped the surfaces over centuries. Already established a little longer, but the Styrian one is still an artistic showpiece "Rogner Bad Blumau" which unmistakably bears the signature of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The artist, loved by an audience of millions, lived up to his name when designing the extensive hotel and thermal complex, as he immersed himself completely in the world of water during this thermal bath project in the mid-1990s. Similar to the Hundertwasser House in Vienna, the around 330 colorful columns and more than 2,400 windows, none of which are the same, create an incomparable flair. Everything according to the motto: The eye bathes too! And the imagination! 

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Eight futuristic domes

The one that opened in 2006 proves that even in semi-public bathing areas, such as hotels, people rely on sensory spectacles on a grand scale "Wellness mountain oasis" of "Tschuggen Grand Hotel" in Arosa. The largest and most amazing spa area in Switzerland was designed by star architect Mario Botta, who integrated light sails up to 13 meters high into the total work of art made of glass and granite. Peter Zumthor, the Swiss one, should not be missing from the ranks of the great pool architects "Therme Vals" even promoted to the rank of national architectural icon. The one designed by the renowned Behnisch Architekten group of architects also has what it takes "Aibling thermal baths" whose eight futuristic domes, under which there are various areas for differentiated moods, spatial impressions and bathing experiences, can be seen from a distance. And so it comes full circle. Because as Stefan Behnisch said in 2007 at the opening ceremony of the Upper Bavarian temple of relaxation: "The domes were created in their archaic, monolithic form, just as they were found in the origins of bathing among the Romans or in the traditional hammam." Further information: Aqua Dome, Tirol Therme Längenfeld, A-6444 Längenfeld, Tel. 0043/5253/6400,; St. Martins Therme & Lodge, A-7132 Frauenkirchen, Tel. 0043/2172/20500700,; Therme Bad Aibling, D-83043 Bad Aibling, Tel. 08061/9066200,; Linsberg Asia Therme, A-2822 Bad Erlach, Tel. 0043/2627/48000, Bad Windsheim, D-91438 Bad Windsheim, Tel. 09841/40300, Kristall Kur – and Gradiertherme Bad Wilsnack, D-19336 Bad Wilsnack, Tel. 038791/80880,; Therme Meran, IT-39012 Meran, Tel. 0039/0473/252000,; Rogner Bad Blumau, A-8283 Bad Blumau, Tel. 0043/3383/51000,; Tschuggen Grand Hotel, CH-7050 Arosa, Tel. 0041/81/378 99 99,; Therme Loipersdorf, A-8282 Loipersdorf, Tel. 0043/3382/82040,; Therme Vals, CH-7132 Vals, Tel. 0041/81/9268961,; Therme Erding, D-85435 Erding, Tel. 08122/2270200, 

A wonderful massage, a bath in the whirlpool and then a leisurely visit to the sauna – this is what a classic wellness day looks like. But there is another way: doctor fish, snake masseurs and beer baths are the new trends when it comes to relaxation. has collected the most bizarre wellness therapies and we are also presenting them in our photo show.

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Beer bath

A bath full of beer – which man doesn’t dream of it? However, the contents of this beer vat should purify, not get tipsy. A mixture of malt, hops, protein and minerals ensures the natural cleansing of the body. In addition to the sparkling bathing pleasure, there is of course a taste of the cool blonde for those who are thirsty. Then it’s off to the oat straw bed, where the "Intoxication" is slept in.

Snake massage

For some sheer horror, for others ultimate relaxation: In the Ada Baraks Spa in Israel, the brave can be massaged by snakes. The sleek animals wind their way gently over the body. This is supposed to relieve tension and loosen muscles. All snakes are of course non-toxic and (as far as possible) also people-friendly. Cost: around 55 euros.

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Gold massage

A dream made of real gold – it couldn’t be more exclusive! Ultra-thin 24-carat gold leaves are carefully spread over the skin – valuable oils ensure the necessary suppleness and particularly soft skin. The connective tissue is tightened and the skin shines with a new shine. Unfortunately, this special wellness offer is only for well-heeled guests: 70 minutes of pampering, for example at the Hotel Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz, cost around 320 euros.

Wine, coffee, sake, or …?

The Japanese have created a very extraordinary spa world: At the Yunessan Spa Resort in Hakone, wellness freaks can choose between 25 different spa treatments.

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