Last year we were asked to write a theme song for the Bond film ‘Specter’

But he no longer has the pieces. “In the meantime I regret that I didn’t take cars or other devices with me” – especially because charity organizations keep asking him to donate something.

+++ Will Christoph Waltz return as a Bond villain? (January 4, 2015) +++

Two months after the start of the new James Bond flick “Specter” the rumor mill is already simmering again. As the English “Daily Star” reports, Christoph Waltz is said to be the villain in two more films – but only on one condition.

Whether the Austrian will slip back into the role of Franz Oberhauser, who ultimately turns out to be Bond’s opponent Ernst Stavro Blofeld, depends largely on whether Daniel Craig is available again as 007. “Christoph would be brilliant to keep fighting Bond like in the old movies,” an unnamed source told the tabloid.

However, it must be ensured for Waltz ‘return that Craig will also return in order to preserve the continuity of the story, it said. Craig had recently shown little interest in going into battle again on Her Majesty’s behalf. He would rather open his wrists than play Bond one more time, the 47-year-old said in an interview before the film started. However, he struck similar tones after the previous film “Skyfall”.

+++ “Specter”: Radiohead give away their Bond song (December 26, 2015) +++

The British band Radiohead (“Creep”) surprises their fans with “Bond” news and a gift: Their song “Specter” was originally intended to be the title track for the current 007 adventure, but was followed by Sam Smith’s song “Writing’s On The Wall “gouged out. Now the band is offering the title for free download.

“Last year we were asked to write a theme song for the Bond film ‘Specter’. We did that. It didn’t work out, but the song has become something of our own that we love very much,” reads on the Radiohead’s Facebook page.

There is also a link to Soundcloud, where you can listen to and download the song for free: “At the end of the year we thought you might want to hear the song. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you,” write Thom Yorke and his bandmates. The Radiohead fans come up with compliments for the song: “Much too good for a Bond movie” or “You’re in a completely different league” can be read on the Facebook page. The post has already been shared over 30,000 times.

+++ “Specter” is great, but “Skyfall” was better +++

The marketing was great, the story of the film is terrific and Daniel Craig is absolutely worth seeing again. Nevertheless, the new James Bond film “Specter” did not manage to top the success of its predecessor “Skyfall”.

At least “Specter” managed to position itself directly behind “Skyfall”, as the flick has so far grossed 750 million dollars (710 million euros). For comparison: “Skyfall” achieved more than one billion dollars (945 million euros) worldwide.essay about community involvement

The final calculation has not yet been made, as “Specter” only started on November 5th, 2015, and viewers will still be pouring money into the till in the next few weeks. Nevertheless, it is already clear that the new Bond film can no longer catch up with its predecessor. Analysts expect a final result between 850 and 870 million dollars (804 and 823 million euros).

+++ Work on the next James Bond will start in spring 2016 +++

The current Bond film “Specter” is still running in the cinemas, when producer Barbara Broccoli has already announced the successor. Work on bond number 25 is scheduled to begin next spring.

“First of all, let’s take a break. We worked on the film [” Specter “, editor’s note] for three years. It was exciting, but now we want to enjoy the success and the reactions of the audience. We’ll start in the spring back on “, said Broccoli in an interview with” “.

It is unclear whether Daniel Craig will slip into the title role again for the anniversary Bond. His contract is fulfilled with “Specter”, his fourth appearance as 007. Craig suggested repeatedly that he was no longer available for the film series.

+++ India censors smooching in the new Bond (November 19, 2015) +++

Kissing banned: India’s chaste film censors have cut the kissing scenes in the James Bond film “Specter”. The smooch scenes were “too extravagant”, the responsible committee justified its decision according to the newspaper “Times of India”.

The newspaper headlines that James Bond has “only half a license to kiss”. In India, the agent thriller will hit cinemas on Friday. 

Until a few years ago, kisses were rarely shown in Bollywood films. Often there was a cut just before the lips touched – instead, the audience saw two flowers leaning towards each other.

+++ Ex-007 Pierce Brosnan criticizes “Specter” (November 18, 2015) +++

Despite its box office success, there has been some criticism of the new Bond film “Specter”. Now ex-007 Pierce Brosnan has also shown himself rather disappointed by the agent spectacle. “I think the film is too long. The story is somehow weak – you could have been shorter,” said Brosnan the film and TV portal “HitFix.”

Brosnan also found that the Bond makers had a hard time deciding to what extent to give Bond a more realistic look. To the often tried comparison with the Jason Bourne films, he said that “Specter” was “neither fish nor meat, neither Bond nor Bourne”.

For Daniel Craig, his successor as Bond actor, Brosnan had nothing but praise. “Daniel has appropriated the figure and given it a certain looseness.” Hence his tip for Craig’s next appearance as 007: “Just give him a more compact story and he’ll deliver the next classic.”


+++ “Specter” starts weaker than “Skyfall” (November 11, 2015) +++

After the cinema release in Germany, there is good news and not quite so good news for the James Bond adventure “Specter”. As expected, the film catapulted itself to the top of the German cinema charts on the opening weekend.

The bottom line was that around 1.68 million viewers saw Daniel Craig as Agent 007 fighting evil, as Media Control announced. What is less gratifying for the creators of the flick is that they have by no means set the bar higher than before. Because the 007 predecessor “Skyfall” reached a much wider audience with 1.9 million viewers on its opening weekend.

+++ Bond causes damage of 600 million (November 9, 2015) +++

It is well known that James Bond is not a quiet man. In the new “Specter” strip, the double-zero agent causes damage that is well over half a billion euros, as a joking analysis by the German Insurance Association (GDV) revealed.

The fictitious accident and destruction damage in “Specter” amount to the proud total of an estimated 600 million euros. His experts calculated in detail the potential damage that the spectacular action sequences of the more than two-hour film would unfold on the screen.

The residential buildings alone, which are brought down in Mexico City, for example, would have an equivalent value of more than 500 million euros in real life. In addition, there would be damage to various cars that did not survive the film intact. “Cars worth a good 32 million euros are scrapped in the film during the chases,” said the GDV.

+++ Christoph Waltz: “Bond is Punch and Judy Theater” (November 5th, 2015) +++

Tri tra trullala, Jimmy Bond is back: For Christoph Waltz, who embodies the villain Franz Oberhauser in the new 007 flick “Specter”, James Bond films are basically nothing more than puppet theater.

“The archetypal constellation within the Bond story is more or less modern mythology,” the Austrian actor explained in an interview with the magazine “Bunte”.

“It’s like in the Volkstheater, like in the Punch and Judy Theater,” continues Waltz. In his opinion, James Bond is the puppet in this game, he himself embodies the crocodile as its opponent, who loses in the end. “I have never seen a puppet theater where the crocodile eats the puppet.”

+++ “Specter” is already making cinema history (November 2nd, 2015) +++

The current James Bond film “Specter” is about to go down in the annals of cinema history. On the very first weekend, the action film breaks all previous box-office records in all countries where it is already running. In Great Britain it even had the most successful cinema release of all time.

In the first seven days, “Specter” made a sensational 41.7 million pounds (around 58.6 million euros) in the United Kingdom, easily putting all previous records in the shade. For comparison: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, the previous record holder, brought in only 23.8 million pounds. 

The film was shown in 647 cinemas and 2,500 screens in Great Britain and Ireland. This corresponds to the biggest release so far (the simultaneous release in English cinemas) of all time.

It goes without saying that producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are also delighted with these fabulous numbers: “We are immensely grateful to all our James Bond fans and British moviegoers that box-office history with the launch of ‘Specter’ in Great Britain was written. ” 

But “Specter” is also a guarantee for new dimensions in cinema in other European countries: in the Netherlands it grossed 3.3 million euros and broke the record of its predecessor “Skyfall”. In Denmark he also overtook his Bond predecessor with a spectacular three-day start result of 3.77 million euros and he also set new start records in Finland and Norway.

+++ Sam Mendes wouldn’t have a drink with 007 (November 01, 2015) +++ 

Bond director Sam Mendes couldn’t imagine having a drink with his movie hero. “I don’t know if I have so much in common with him,” said the 50-year-old Brit in an interview with the news magazine “Focus”. “Bond is a very lonely person who is difficult to small talk with. Well, and he’s dangerous.”

Mendes also said that his and main actor Daniel Craig’s Bond future has not yet been decided. “However, don’t be fooled, ‘Specter’ is also about an exit. Bond pauses and thinks for the first time about quitting.” There is this debate – in the film. How it looks in reality remains to be seen.


+++ Daniel Craig calls for more commitment to refugees (October 31, 2015) +++

As a secret agent “James Bond – 007” he fights against bad guys all over the world. Now actor Daniel Craig has spoken out in a real world crisis. He calls for more commitment to refugees.

The James Bond actor Daniel Craig has called on European governments to do more to deal with the refugee crisis. A “tragedy” is happening in Europe, said the British actor. The governments of the EU countries should now try to “regulate” the situation.

A film agent will not solve the problem, said the 47-year-old, who in the new Bond film “Specter” easily crosses borders without a passport. But it can’t be compared with the refugee crisis, said Craig. “People don’t think of James Bond when they struggle across the Mediterranean with their families. That’s the least of their worries.”

+++ No chance for James Bond at the real MI6 (October 30, 2015) +++ 

In “Specter” James Bond is to be retired because modern technology makes double-zero agents superfluous. In real life, however, the spy would never have got the job with the MI6 secret service.

As an unnamed employee of the agency explained to the “Buzzfeed” portal, Bond’s application to MI6 would most likely not be successful. The reason is the character shortcomings of the lonely, creak-swinging spy, who is never averse to alcohol and women.

“The secret service for which Bond stands does not correspond to today’s reality. It depends on teamwork. Loners do not achieve much. What is needed are people with a real passion for human interaction,” said the insider. Bond lacks the emotional intelligence for real espionage work. “MI6 wants to attract sociable spies who understand the human side of intelligence work.”

The legendary British secret service is currently looking for new recruits. The beginning of the advertising campaign coincides with the theatrical release of “Specter”, which is why the MI6 executives are aware that the film will bring them a flood of new prospects. However, anyone who thinks they can start a Bond-style career will quickly be disappointed.

+++ Daniel Craig: “James Bond also has a soft side” (October 27, 2015) +++

For his actor Daniel Craig, James Bond is a guy with a rough shell but a soft core. “He’s not just a macho,” said Craig on Wednesday of the German press agency before the German premiere of the movie “Specter” in Berlin.

“I hope I was able to dispel that impression,” said the Briton. “When the time comes for action, he’s ready – that makes him James Bond,” said Craig. “But he also has softer sides.”

Since Craig joined the Bond series with “Casino Royale”, Agent 007 has been allowed to show emotions every now and then. And in “Specter” the audience learns something again about his tragic past. “I just tried to model the films as closely as possible to the Bond tradition, but also to bring in my own point of view,” said Craig.

+++ Christoph Waltz ignores the nationality of the Bond villain (October 27, 2015) +++

With his portrayal of Oberhauser in “James Bond: Specter”, Christoph Waltz stands in the great tradition of German and Austrian Bond villains such as Gert Fröbe or Klaus-Maria Brandauer. However, the two-time Oscar winner ignores the nationality of the opponent of 007.

Waltz, who has a German and an Austrian passport, told the “Kronen Zeitung”: “I can’t remember anyone ever saying that 007 competed against an Austrian. It doesn’t matter.”

+++ “Specter” celebrated its world premiere in London (26.

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