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Stick to the feeding rhythm and don’t let the sparrow’s begging confuse you. Many fledglings beg out of reflex even when they are full. To be on the safe side, weigh the bird daily.

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An overview of the rearing of young birds can be found at “” Wildvogelhilfe.org “”. Thorough research on rearing chicks is essential because of the many exceptions and rules, as the young birds are very vulnerable in the first few weeks of their lives.

A heavily pregnant woman was clearly in labor, but she and her partner were stuck in the car in the Nuremberg rush hour. Then the police helped.

A patrol from the Nuremberg traffic police cleared the way to the hospital for a heavily pregnant woman on Thursday evening. The husband had approached the police on Nopitschstrasse and informed them about the situation of his wife, the police said on Friday.

One of our #Verkehrspolizei # Nürnberg stripes was hit by an excited man in rush hour last night …

Posted by Police Middle Franconia on Thursday, November 28, 2019

Accordingly, the mother-to-be was already in labor. The officers switched on their flashing lights and the siren and escorted the parents-to-be through the busy streets to the hospital.

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The police informed the clinic of their emergency by radio. Just minutes after arriving in the delivery room, the 42-year-old gave birth to a healthy baby.

Sources used: dpa news agency Police headquarters in Middle Franconia: notification dated November 29, 2019

In the winter census of birds in parks and gardens this year, the sparrow has again been in the lead. By Thursday morning, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had received more than 2,300 reports on 70,000 birds in 1,426 gardens, as announced by the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (Nabu). The house sparrow, tree sparrow and great tit lead the ranking again. The blue tit is currently displacing the blackbird from fourth to fifth. This was followed by Greenfinch and Elster, as in the previous year.

Many forest birds, however, made themselves rare in parks and gardens. The exception is the jay, which caused a sensation in autumn due to an unexpectedly high occurrence. “In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania there were more than twice as many jays to be observed this year than last year,” said Nabu spokeswoman Manuela Heberer. Already in 2011 and 2018, the jays appeared more often, according to her.

Many other forest birds, such as the nuthatch, great spotted woodpecker, coal tit and grosbeak, would have made themselves rare this year. “That was to be expected given the mild winter so far,” said Heberer. Only when it got cold and there was snow did many forest birds seek refuge in the gardens, where they often found richly stocked feeding places.

According to the information, the results of the nationwide campaign “Hour of the Winter Birds” can still be reported at www.stundederwintervoegel.de until January 20th. Then the final result is clear.

More than twice as many people in Rhineland-Palatinate took part in the counting action of the nature conservation association (Nabu) with the motto “” Hour of the garden birds “” than a year ago. “” The interest was huge, “said Nabu country manager Olaf Strub on Friday.argumentative essay sports topics At least 7,682 people took an hour to count the birds that appeared in the garden in early May. The 7,682 participants sighted 156,000 birds. “This improves our data base and helps assess trends and problems in the bird world,” said Strub. A year ago, 3451 bird lovers took part in Rhineland-Palatinate.

A third fewer blue tits were reported in Rhineland-Palatinate than a year ago. According to preliminary results, the participants in the “” Hour of the Garden Birds “” sighted 7479 blue tits last weekend – 38 percent less than in the same campaign in 2019. As a result, the blue tit fell from fourth to seventh place among the reported species. The reason is believed to be the death of many blue tits due to bacterial infection. At the top of the sightings was the house sparrow with more than 29,000 (minus 2 percent), followed by the blackbird (plus 5 percent), great tit (minus 20 percent), star (minus 15 percent), magpie (minus 7 percent) and tree sparrow (minus 9 percent).

Preppers want to be prepared – for anything. To do this, they hoard food and ammunition and they practice surviving in nature. Not everyone believes in conspiracies. Then why do ordinary people do it?

Around 15 different hiking backpacks are lined up in Jason Charles’ living room in Harlem, New York. Countless canned food fill his apartment, and there is a huge box full of packets of ramen noodles in the cloakroom. Charles estimates that his supplies will last for eight months. The firefighter is a “” prepper “”.

The term is derived from the English “” to be prepared “”. “” Prepper “” prepare with supplies for disasters or a collapse of state structures. You are preparing to have to stay at home longer or to flee as quickly as possible. Sometimes they also procure weapons.

In Germany, they recently moved into the public eye – but mainly due to overlaps that exist in part with Reich citizens and right-wing extremists. In the USA, too, many “preppers” are said to be close to right-wing conspiracy theorists.

However, the scene is not homogeneous in both countries. There is a lot of attention in the United States for quirky characters whose preparations are shown on TV shows and millionaires building luxurious hiding places in secret locations. “” Prepper “” are also quite ordinary people like Charles.

“” Do you have skills to survive? “”

According to him, it’s about fitness and mental preparation – and about coping with unexpected situations. “” Do you have the skills to survive in the great outdoors away from your city apartment? Can you hide in the middle of the forest Can you build yourself a shelter? Can you make a fire and filter water? “” Are central questions, says the 41-year-old. For him it is a hobby and at the same time like an insurance policy.

The native New Yorker organizes events where you can learn to prepare your home for a disaster. On his weekend trips, he simulates emergency scenarios for the participants.

How many “preppers” there are in the US is unclear. After disasters, however, it can be observed that suddenly more people wanted to prepare for any emergency, says Jeffrey Schlegelmilch, vice director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) at Columbia University.

So-called disaster kits are becoming bestsellers. This ready-made equipment, which is intended to prepare for emergencies, is offered in numerous versions in the trade. There is no evidence of their benefit, Schlegelmilch said.

Emergency items: In workshops, preppers learn how to survive in the event of a disaster. (Source: Helen Corbett / dpa)

Another component that has been shown to be useful in contrast: social connections such as help among neighbors. These could be as important or even more important than equipment and supplies, he explains.

“” Prepper “” often see themselves as loners

The “” Prepperin “” Inshirah Overton sees it similarly. “” Many ‘preppers’ are Marlboro men, “” says the 39-year-old lawyer, alluding to the lonely cowboy from the cigarette advertisement. You don’t believe in this “I don’t need anything or anyone” attitude. “Prepping” always has to do with other people. It was always about her family.

The lawyer Inshirah Overton: She is holding a meeting for female preppers in Manhattan. (Source: dpa)

During the financial crisis of 2008 she became “Prepperin”. When her company announced a hiring freeze, she decided to become more “independent of the system”. Now the lawyer takes part in meetings that are specifically aimed at female “preppers”. The topics range from making your own soap to putting together women-friendly equipment in the event of a quick escape.

Neither Charles nor Overton say they are preparing for a specific disaster. According to Schlegelmilch, it does not matter which nature is an extreme case: Either you are stuck at home and need supplies, or you have to find an escape route. “” It doesn’t matter if it’s a flood, a fire or a Godzilla attack – you prepare for the effects of the disaster. “” 

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 Overton does not want to turn “” Prepping “” into an obsession that determines her life. She wants to be independent and learn new skills. At the end of her life, the lawyer doesn’t want to be disappointed if the incident she is preparing for never happens. “” Did I just store beans and ammunition and live in a frightened state? No. I want to have a good, enjoyable, happy life by then. “”

Sources used: dpa news agency

After the pre-selection phase, the city pigeon leads the race for the title “Bird of the Year 2021”. Almost 130,000 people had voted for their favorite nationwide in the past few weeks, announced the Bavarian State Association for Bird Protection (LBV) on Wednesday. Now the “” Top Ten “” have been determined.

The city pigeon is followed by robin, blackbird, skylark, golden plover, blue tit, kingfisher, house sparrow, lapwing and barn swallow. However, the current placement in the runoff election does not bring any advantages or disadvantages: The votes are set to zero again and the ten bird species compete against each other again.

From January 18th to March 19th, bird lovers can vote for the final and for the first time determine the winner themselves. In the last 50 years the LBV and the Nature Conservation Union Germany (Nabu) had chosen the “” Bird of the Year “”.

The change for the anniversary year is well received: “” More than 2500 election campaign teams have come together nationwide to campaign for their respective candidates, “” said Norbert Schäffer, Chairman of the LBV. This enthusiasm is a good sign for species protection.

In Leipzig, strangers caused horror. They hung an Israel flag over a chimney on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The police are investigating sedition.

On the day of remembrance for the victims of National Socialism, strangers attached an Israel flag to a chimney in Leipzig. It will be checked whether there is a criminal offense in the sense of sedition, said police spokeswoman Katharina Geyer on Monday. “” With a view to the day and the chimney, there could be some relevance, “said Geyer. The police are in contact with the public prosecutor. First the “” Bild “” newspaper reported about it.

On January 27, 1945, the Red Army reached the German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and freed more than 7,000 surviving prisoners. In Auschwitz alone, the National Socialists killed more than a million people, mostly Jews. Many were gassed, and the bodies were then cremated. On Monday, numerous heads of state and government as well as Holocaust survivors and former prisoners commemorated the horrific crimes of the Nazi dictatorship on the former site of the concentration camp.

What is important today: Everyone should know them “” Sonderkommando “” in Auschwitz: ” The third rips off the women’s earrings, sometimes blood flows ” Liberation from Auschwitz 1945: ” Human skeletons came towards us ”

“” I am appalled that such provocations are taking place here, “” the “Bild” quoted the owner of the factory site as saying. According to the police, the fire brigade took the flag down from the 30 meter high chimney with the help of a turntable ladder on Monday afternoon. The flag will be examined for traces, said Geyer. Witnesses had previously informed the investigators about the flag.

Sources used: newsroom dpa

Hamburg’s city center has been a bit more bicycle-friendly since Wednesday: On the Ballindamm on the Inner Alster there is a 4.75 meter wide path available for cyclists. In the opposite direction on the water side, cyclists can still use a two-meter-wide lane, as the district office in Mitte announced. Transport Senator Anjes Tjarks (Greens) and District Office Manager Falko Droßmann (SPD) symbolically put the last stone in the converted long boulevard.

The Federal Ministry of Transport funded the project with 5.7 million euros. The total costs amount to 7.6 million euros. It was the first project to be completed as part of a federal program to improve cycle paths, the ministry announced. “” I want more space and more safety for cyclists in Germany in the long run – especially in hectic city traffic, “said Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). Hamburg’s cyclists would have free travel on the Inner Alster in the future.

The sidewalks and lighting on Ballindamm were also improved and new seating was created. There are only two instead of four lanes available for car traffic. The street is important to be able to reach the parking garages in the city center. The adjacent Jungfernstieg has been closed to general car traffic since mid-October. Only buses and taxis are allowed to drive there.

According to the planning, 37 trees were felled and 34 new planted for the reconstruction of Ballindamm. In addition, bushes should be added for the existing population of house sparrows worth protecting.

With almost 7000 Brandenburgers, twice as many nature lovers took part in the “” Hour of the Garden Birds “” campaign than last year. Almost 150,000 birds have been observed in 4,400 gardens, the Nature Conservation Union (Nabu) announced on Thursday.

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